Glossary of Shaytans and Their Descriptions

1. Iblis: Iblis is the most prominent and notorious Shaytan in Islamic mythology. He was a jinn who refused to bow to Adam when commanded by Allah, thus earning the status of Satan. Iblis is known for his rebellious nature and his constant efforts to lead humans astray from the path of righteousness.

2. Al-A’war: Al-A’war, meaning “the one-eyed,” is a Shaytan associated with deception and manipulation. He is believed to have only one eye, symbolizing his distorted perception of truth and his ability to deceive others.

3. Al-Abyad: Al-Abyad, meaning “the white one,” is a Shaytan who appears in the form of a white creature. It is said that he uses his deceptive appearance to gain trust and influence over humans, leading them towards evil and wickedness.

4. Al-Ahwas: Al-Ahwas is a Shaytan known for his mischievous and cunning nature. He is said to lurk near bodies of water, particularly in rivers and wells, waiting to deceive and harm unsuspecting individuals who venture too close.

5. Al-Wahsh: Al-Wahsh, meaning “the wild one,” is a Shaytan associated with wild and untamed places. He is believed to inhabit desolate areas such as deserts and mountains, using his powers to instill fear and cause chaos.

6. Al-Khannas: Al-Khannas, meaning “the whisperer,” is a Shaytan known for whispering evil suggestions and temptations into the hearts and minds of humans. He seeks to create doubts, fuel desires, and steer people away from the path of righteousness.

7. Al-Mudhill: Al-Mudhill, meaning “the humiliator,” is a Shaytan who delights in bringing humiliation and disgrace to individuals. He influences people to engage in sinful acts that ultimately lead to their downfall and shame.

8. Al-Marid: Al-Marid is a powerful and rebellious Shaytan. Unlike other Shaytans, Marids are not necessarily evil but are known for their immense strength and ability to cause mischief. They possess great supernatural powers and often challenge humans and other supernatural beings.

9. Al-Qadhf: Al-Qadhf is a Shaytan associated with false accusations and slander. He thrives on spreading lies and rumors to sow discord among people, tarnishing reputations and causing harm.

10. Al-Mutashaddid: Al-Mutashaddid, meaning “the defiant one,” is a Shaytan characterized by his obstinate nature. He refuses to submit to the guidance of Allah and persists in his rebellion against divine authority, leading others astray through his defiance.

Note: The descriptions provided in this glossary are based on Islamic mythology and folklore. Shaytans are often depicted as malevolent beings who seek to deceive and corrupt humans, testing their faith and resolve. It is important to note that these descriptions are not exhaustive, as interpretations and depictions of Shaytans may vary within different cultural and literary traditions.