Why Writers Don’t Need Mentors

Navigating Education and Support Systems

When I began writing, I assumed I’d write the book, get it published and then *voila* thousands would read it. Well, thousands did read my books, but it wasn’t that simple. Becoming a published (and successful) author is an evolution. You’ll need to go through educational avenues, mentors, peers, and professional organizations. Your career must progress one step at a time. Let’s take a look at the education and evolution of an author and the many people who will educate you.

Your First Editor

“It’s my baby. It’s perfect. You can’t change it!”

This is what 95% of writers think (and many say) when they work with their first editor. I’ve seen friends completely break down in tears.

I approached editing as a stage in my education. I can say I didn’t know perfect until my editor finished with me and my baby.

Every writer’s journey starts with putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. But the transition from writer to author always begins with the discerning eye of an editor. This initial encounter with an editor is much like a baptism by fire.

The feedback received during this stage serves as the beginning of your growth. It teaches you the art of revision, importance of clarity, and the nuances of storytelling. Your first editor will guide you in transforming raw material into refined prose. Believe it or not, you’ll also gain confidence as a writer.


No writer is an island. You’ll find solace and inspiration in the company of like-minded individuals – your peers. The camaraderie in local writing groups, online forums, or workshops is invaluable.

Peers provide a sounding board for ideas, constructive critique and encouragement. They’ll help you find motivation and perseverence through the challenges of the craft. The bonds forged with peers form a network of solidarity. They’ll foster growth and a sense of belonging within the writing community.

Writers’ Organizations

As you progress on your journey, professional development and networking become necessary. This is where writers’ organizations step into the spotlight. Writers’ organizations provide opportunities for writers to thrive.

Workshops, conferences, and networking events will help you hone your craft. Some offer mentorship programs, providing new authors with guidance from seasoned veterans. You’ll enhance your skills and also establish yourself within the literary landscape.

Professional Coaches

As you advance, you may face unique challenges or need specialized guidance. This is where professional coaches come into play. Writing coaches, social media consultants, and career strategists offer specialized guidance.

A writing coach may provide personalized feedback, accountability, and strategic advice to help you overcome creative blocks or refine your manuscripts. A social media/marketing consultant can assist you in building your author platform, navigating book promotion, and reaching your target audience. By investing in professional coaching, you’ll equip yourself with the tools and insights necessary to elevate your craft and achieve your goals.

The Evolution of an Author

The evolution from writer to author is a multifaceted journey. It requires collaboration, mentorship, and continuous learning. each step from your first editor to peers, writers’ organizations, and specialized coaching will contribute to your growth and development. Embrace these educational avenues and support systems. Empower yourself to reach new heights of creativity and professionalism.